Clochers & Lieux de culte

Vie de Bouddha

13 - Prince Siddhattha as an ascetic practising self mortification
12 - Prince Siddhattha cuts off his hair on the bank of river Neranjara 11 -
10 - 9 -
8 - The marriage of Prince Siddhattha with Yasodhara 7 - The contest in archery was the royal tradition.
6 - At the annual Ploughing Festival, Prince Siddhattha sat cross legged and went into deep meditation. 5 - Prince Siddhattha and his step mother Maha Pajapati Gotami
4 - The Sage Asita foretells the future of Prince Siddhattha 3 - The birth of Siddhattha in Lumbini park between Kapilavatthu and Devadaha
2 - Queen Maha Maya's dream of a white elephant entered her womb, coming to rest on her right side. 1 - The Buddha-to-be in Tusita Heaven to select parents, country, place, time day & month for Him to be reborn in the human world
25 - Lord Buddha said to himself : I should leave this world because karma has reached me. 24 - Here the two animals, the xhite monkey and the white elephant offered fruits to Lord Buddha in the jungle
23 - Lord Buddha's younger brother invited him to have a meal in his palace 22 - Lord Buddha went up to heaven and preached to his mother
21 - Queen Yasodhara clenched to Lord Buddha's yellow robe and her son Rahula asked for inheritance 20 - King Suddhodana sent his ambassador to go and invite Lord Buddha to return home
19 - Lord Buddha preached to his five monks in the Deer park 18 - The king of Dragons spreaded its seven heads to prevent Lord Buddha from the heavy rain
17 - The Mara was defeated by Lord Buddha and fled away 16 - Mara's three daughters Tanha, Raga & Arati approached him the intention was to prove whether Lord Buddha was really successful or not
15 - Lord Buddha accepted Maha Brahma's invitation and gave a preach 14 - Prince Siddhattha accepts the mess of rice from Sujata
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